Mapping Varna
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  • Black Sea Property
    Black Sea Property Real Estate have been operating in Varna for over ten years.

Est. in 1903. Active; focal plane 10 m (33 ft); red light, 2 s on, 2..
Galata Lighthouse (the new one) was established in 2001 (station..
Pobiti Kamani - The Petrified Forest
Splendid Hotel was built on Bratya Shkorpil St. in 1910
Early morning scenes around the Cathedral in August getting ready..
The Sea Garden Fun Fair - Evening Time on Varna Day
Fishing in late mid August summer afternoon on a breakwater in Varna
Park monument of Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship
Karting for the whole family plus Paintball and Off Road Buggies
Aquapolis, situated in the Golden Sands resort is an absolute must..
A walk in the Asparuhov Sea Gardens in mid March 2014 on a lovely..
A Sunday walk through the main alley of the sea gardens through to..
Circus Balkanki their 2014 tour will be from TBC
A very nice stay at the residence weekend of the 14th and 15th May..
The Tall Ships in Harbour at Varna October 2016
The Retro Museum is a "must see", far better than you ever expect..