Mapping Varna
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Situated only a few steps into the pedestrian precinct or boulevard..
Golf Sun & Sand is a dedicated company providing the best rented..
Varna Apartments offers a selection of apratments and villas in the..
Situated in the centre of city near the park and studenst area in..
With the lastest technology at their fingertips they aim to promote..
This lovely modern hotel is in the heart of Varna tourism district..
Are you tired already of shopski salads and grilled pork?
Hotel Kabakum is s lovely jewel located in Alen Mak region between..
The beginning of Varna’s Archaeological Museum is closely connected..
Located in the heart of the sea capital of Bulgaria, the Golden..
Yo-Ho-Ho hostel is a brand new hostel at the heart of Bulgarian -sea..
The Grand Hotel Varna is one of the only year-round hotels situated..
The Hotel International in the resort of Golden Sands, located 15 km..
The Four Star Park Hotel Golden Beach at Golden sands is a lovely..
The Opera House in Varna was established in 1947 on the Nezavisimost..
Cave monastery (grotto) from the 13th and 14th centuries + catacombs..
The park-museum “Wladislaw Warnenchik” is a branch of the National..
The Natural History Museum displays the great variety of species in..