Ivan Vladislav
Died: 1018

King Ivan Vladislav ruled as Emperor of Bulgaria for a fairly short period from August or September 1015 to February 1018, where he met his death at the Battle of Dyrrhachium.  He came to power by murdering his cousin Gavril Radomir the them emperor which was rather ironic as Gavril had saved Vladislav in and earlier battle in 976.

He went on to try hard to bring closure to the Byzantine Empire's decade long war, however even direct calls to Byzantine emperor Basil II was to no avail. Now with failure of these attempted negotiations, Vladislav set out to try and push the Byzantines back.

With the aid of many friendly forces he built and established new defence lines and positions, however final defeat for him at the Battle of Dyrrhachium in 1018 left  Bulgaria being controlled by the Ottoman Empire, leaving his memory as a King somewhat tarnished by events even though he was truly trying hard to defend Bulgaria.