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Varna Railway Station

REF NR: 1863

The original station had been in existence since October 26th 1866 when line between Varna and Rousse was inaugurated.   

The present main railway station in Varna was constructed between 1908 and 1925 in several operational phases using plans drawn up by the architects Nikola Kostov and Kiro Marichkov in a mixed styles being that of  Art Nouveau and Neo-Baroque.


The interior design had an Italian influence as they used overseas workers as was the clock with a German mechanism finally arriving in 1929, this once fitted set the overall stations dominating appearance for the opening by Tsar Boris III.

The station was one of the stops of the famous orient express between 1883 and 1885, latterly the station evolved into a key junction with line to Sophia, Shumen, Karnobat, Dobrich Rousse, Plovdiv and Pleven,.

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