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'Cor Caroly' yacht

REF NR: 10341

The yacht 'Cor Caroly', translated from Latin means 'Car's heart'. The yacht enters in the Naval Museum in 1979 as a proof about the first lonesome sailing round the world, accomplished by a Bulgarian navigator. This is Captain Georgi Georgiev, who, in 1976-1977, makes a full tour of the earth under the sails of 'Cor Caroli'.



The sailing starts from Havana, thorugh Panama channel, the Marquis islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Fidji islands, Suva, the Australian Port Darvin. From there, he directs to Cape town, crosses the south Atlantic and finishes his sailing again in Havana. It is accompanied by many dangerous moments, tests for th physics, the natural training and the mentality of the unique member of the crew. << Follow this link for more further details on that >>

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