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Commuter V

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Commuter-V a craft moored in a stationery position next to the sea wall in the Sea Gardens at Asparuhovo this vessel has now been converted into a nice fish restaurant.

It was originally designed for use as a foot passenger or commuter transport from Varna to Burgas on several daily runs.


It is said that the journey took around 1.5hrs and was much easier than that of the road. It can be dedused from the fact that this is craft number III, that there were several of these boats making the run up and down the coast during the 1960s & 80's Soviot period.


An old Kometa Hydrofoil (Commuter-V)

Looking closely at the design we believe it was originally a Kometa type hydrofoil which was in production from 1961 to 1983 at the plant of N. Novgord, Feodosia. A total of 106 of these craft were exported from the Soviet Union to many countries around the world as passenger, sea going Hydofoils.

Passenger - 106 to 120

The following video is that of an operational Kometa, when you look closely as it comes into dock one can clearly see the similarities between this and the images of the craft as it is today.





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