Mapping Varna
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Just beyond at the junction of the streets Khan Kroum and Clement,..
The Museum house built in 1851 is the oldest wholly preserved house..
The house of the affluent merchant Yanaki Flori, built in 1864, is..
The Maritime Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1865. Rumors have..
Monument of Paraskeva Nikolaev / somewhere as Paraskeva Nikolau /..
The two-story building of white stone used to be the first city..
The buidling for the Higher Naval School was constructed in 1954...
Euxionograde Palace is a former residence of Bulgarian monarchs..
Saint Clement was established in 1883 and is one of the first and..
Varna Art Gallery has departments of painting, graphics and..
The French monuments are two. Located in the area called the..
Since 1955/56 it houses the Navy Museum in Varna.
The sports club, referred to by then and later Varna folk as the..
In 1885 the Bulgarian prince Alexander I laid the foundation stone..
It is located in the across the Festival and Congress Centre in the..
Danail Manov Inn was built at № 53 Knyaz Boris I Blvd. in 1879,..
Located on the corner of Maria Louisa Blvd. and Antim I Street...
The daughter of a French military officer, participant in the..