Mapping Varna
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Galata Lighthouse was established in 1913 (station established 1863)..
The building was built at № 65, Primorski Blvd, Varna, in 1928;
Graf Igantiev Statue
Grand Hotel London (formerly known as Musalla)
Graveyard Asparuhovo
Graveyard Galata
Graveyard Kantara
Graveyard Vinitsa
Graveyard West /Topoli/
Hadji Panako Hotel was built next to the Sea Garden entrance in 1900.
Located on the corner of Ohrid Street and Tsaribrod Street.
The sports club, referred to by then and later Varna folk as the..
The first Tall Ships` race was held in 1956. It was a race of 20 of..
The House - Museum Georgi Velchev was established in 1991 when it..
It is located in the across the Festival and Congress Centre in the..
Located on the corner of Maria Louisa Blvd. and Antim I Street...
The house of the affluent merchant Yanaki Flori, built in 1864, is..
The new Imperial Grand Hotel was built in 1932 on Nezavisimost Square.