Mapping Varna
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Varna Art Gallery has departments of painting, graphics and..
Just beyond at the junction of the streets Khan Kroum and Clement,..
One of the most visited buildings in Varna, the Aquarium, stands..
The alley with soil from memorable people and locations in Bulgaria..
The battle between Alexander the Great and Thracian Hordes of 336
Aladzha Monastery is a medieval Orthodox Christian cave monastery..
Cave monastery (grotto) from the 13th and 14th centuries + catacombs..
The monument is located on Osmi Primorski Polk Blvd. in the dividing..
1868 registration of the first joint-stock company ‘Rumeli’
1863 The first lighthouse above Varna cape
1851 Establishment of direct sea line Tsarigrad (Turkish) – Varna
1846 The beginning of wheat export in Varna
1841 The first steamship line on the Bulgarian coast
1833 – 1837 Military stronghold on the place of today’s Aquarium
The yacht 'Cor Caroly', translated from Latin means 'Car's heart'...