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The sculptor of the bronze bust is Pavel Dzheferov. The monument was..
The sculptor Yevgeny Baramov was chosen for the bust of Slaveykov ...
The Bronze bust of Dr. Petar Beron was created by the sculptor..
The sculptor Ivan Kovachev was chosen for the bust of Slaveykov . On..
The Asparuhov most or Asparuhovo Bridge is a bridge in Varna on the..
Memorial of Welcoming the brothers liberators is located in the..
The Park - Monument of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship is the largest..
The Puppet Theatre in Varna is aimed to promote and widen national..
St. Nicholas (Sveti Nikolaos, Varna East Breakwater) lighthouse was..
On November 18, 1995 in the presence of the Honorary President of..
The monument of Zahari Stoyanov is next to that of Luben Karavelov...
Located on `Ivan Vladikov` str, residential district Galata.
Europe hotel was built in 1905 at №3 Russe Str.
Paris hotel was built in 1905 on the corner of Preslav Str and..
The new Imperial Grand Hotel was built in 1932 on Nezavisimost Square.
Varna Beach Recreation Home/Hotel was built in 1935.
The Sea Garden (Bulgarian: Морска градина, Morska gradina) is the..
The building was located on San Stefano Str. The hotel burnt down in..