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REF NR: 1865

A mausoleum of King Vladislav Varnenchik (Ladislaus III Jagello) was erected in 1935 to mark the site of the battle, and became the center of the Museum of comradeship-in-arms, which was founded in 1964.

The lovely park with the Museum, the mausoleum and a 4th century Thracian tomb is located in the north-western part of Varna, on an area of 2.6 hectares.


The mausoleum houses a copy of the sarcophagus of the king, the original of which is in Cracow’s Vavel Cathedral. Facing the mausoleum is a statue of Janos Hunyadi. Nearby are the sarcophagi of dead warriors from the six countries.

The foyer of the Museum is highlighted by Comradeship-in-Arms, a monumental battle-scene mural painting. Depicting fighters from the six countries, it commemorates the idea of comradeship-in-arms, which originated from the common struggle against the Ottoman conquerors.

The central hall of the exposition contains weapons and accessories from the 15th century, most of which were found at the scene of the battle. Other exhibits are present from museums in the six countries involved in the Battle of Varna of 1444.
The second hall is dedicated to Janos Hunyadi and includes a copy of his sarcophagus, his bust, the statue of a horseman, battle flags and documents from the life of the great warrior.

There is a very old story about a historic event, dating back to the XV century. On November 10, 1444 a mixed Christian army, comprising of Hungarians, Polish, Czechs, papal knights, Bosnians, Croatians, Bulgarians, Romanians and Routeni (Old Russians) fought a heavy battle near Varna against the Turks. Many a life was lost. More than half of the soldiers from the united army, together with the king of Hungary and Poland Vladislav III Yagelo (Varnenchik) perished.

In memory of the people, who sacrificed their lives in the name of freedom, on the place of the heroic battle there was built the park-Museum Vladislav Varnenchik. The Museum is a memorial complex. Plenty of weapons and accoutrements are exhibited in its halls: armours, chain armours, helmets, swords, spears, halberds, arbalests, maces, shields, etc. In the park of the Museum there is an original Thracian Tomb, dating back to the IV century A.D. and a mausoleum of king Vladislav Varnenchik.


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