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Museum of History of Medicine

REF NR: 1811

With over 4000 old medical books the Museum of the History of Medicine is unique in the Balkans it boasts a vast array of medical instruments from the Thracian, Greek colonization, the Roman Empire and the beginning of the new Bulgarian states after the liberation of Bulgaria. The building itself was originally developed by a Varna merchant named Paraskeva Nicholaev in 1866 as the first charity hospital and opened in 1869.

There are over three halls displaying the history of medicine over many centuries. One can be amazed at the diversity and cheer barbarism of some of the methods that were used such as the practice of drilling into the skull and then tying them with tight bindings to misshape the skull.

There are many old vertebrae demonstrating that our ancestors used to suffer form the same problems we still have today such as arthritis and back pains.

There is something to marvel at throughout the museum’s exhibits and is thoroughly recommended as a good place to visit on perhaps an inclement weather day.

Museum of Medical History
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