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Devnya Museum of Mosaics

REF NR: 1763

The museum in Devnya evokes spontaneous interest – the one of mosaics. A place, where one could cherish wonderful samples of Roman and early-Byzantine decorative mosaic patterns. Remains of an impressive residential building with a wealth of mosaic decoration were found in the very heart of the town of Devnya during archaeological excavations within the period 1976 – 1981.

The interior walls of the house are covered with colourful mosaics and murals. Five of the rooms have their floors with polychromatic mosaics as well – the latter proving to be among the best samples of Roman art ever found in Bulgaria. The mosaics themselves consist of small pebbles: marble cubes, limestone, clay and motley glass in 16 colours. They depict characters and scenes from Greco-Roman mythology, exotic animals and birds, plants and geometrical patterns.

A sun-dial discovered in the house – the first of its kind found in a private residential dwelling – turns out to be a veritable attraction both for scholars and visitors.
It is interesting a fact that three of the mosaic patterns found are in their original places; the rest were removed from their initial positions during restoration work, reassembled, and exposed for visitors in one of the museum halls.

The Museum of Mosaics in Devnya was built on parts of the ancient foundations of a building decorated with different mosaics, built in the end of III – the beginning of IV century, in the place of earlier buildings, destroyed by the Gothic invasions in 251.

In the halls of the museum, different materials related to the architecture of the building and the life of its inhabitants are exhibited.