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In January 1906, in Euxinograde, King Ferdinand decided to open a marine station and the Varna authorities allowed him to use a site for no money. The building was designed by architect Dabkov and the foundation stone was laid in 1907. The Museum was completed in 1912 and just as it was about to open, the First Balkan War broke out. Bulgarian troops were stationed, refugees were put up and foreign troops were quartered here. After the Great War the Museum housed the fishery school. University of Sofia, the official owner of the building, acquired it in 1930, and the Marine Station was opened on September 17, 1932.

The façade of the Aquarium is singular: the bas-reliefs of a huge pearl oyster and characteristic Black Sea wildlife. Later, after 1954, it housed a collection of numerous creatures, typical of the flora and fauna in the seas and oceans near India, South America, Indonesia and Oceania. Some of them are common, but others are very rare and interesting. One can see seawater specimens of the Black Sea fauna – sea anemones, crabs, the Black Sea turbot, which assumes the colouring of the rocks and disguises itself against other animals of prey, the Black Sea sturgeon, blue fish, mackerel, thornback ray, the Black Sea salmon, etc.

The aquarium`s exhibition focuses on the Black Sea`s flora and fauna which includes over 140 fish species, but also features freshwater fish, Mediterranean fish, exotic species from faraway areas of the World Ocean, mussels and algae.

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