Mapping Varna
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The Retro Museum is a "must see", far better than you ever expect..
If you are looking for an area to observe the architecture in Varna..
One of most domineering symbols of Varna since the 19th Century, has..
The present day Cathedral of Varna was built after the Liberation of..
The Varna Archaeological Museum established in 1906 is one of the..
The torpedo-boat 'Druzki' is an evidence of the first success of the..
The yacht 'Cor Caroly', translated from Latin means 'Car's heart'...
Permanent exposition of photographs.
Varna’s Museum of Health is established in 1974 on the model of the..
The Museum for History of Medicine is the only one of its kind in..
Cave monastery (grotto) from the 13th and 14th centuries + catacombs..
The House - Museum Georgi Velchev was established in 1991 when it..
The Museum for The Newest History of Varna is a part of the Regional..
The museum of National Revival Varna is located in a historic..
One of the most interesting museums in Varna is the Ethnographic..
It is devoted to a battle held in Varna in 1444. The park has a..
The Planetarium in Varna is known as the “Nicolaus Copernicus”..
Situated 18 km West from Varna the Stone Forest is one of the most..