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Park monument of Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship in Varna

REF NR: 1820

The Park - Monument of Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship is the largest monument in Varna. Situated on Turna Tepe hill, it is located 110 meters above the sea level.

The park - monument of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship is the largest monument in Varna. Situated on Turna Tepe hill, it is located 110 meters above the sea level.

On November 4, 1974, the first sod was turned. In the next 7 months over 27 000 people worked voluntarily. The monument is 23 meters high and 48 meters wide, its base lying above ground, below which bomb shelters and several quarters were built. 10 000 tonnes of concrete were cast for the monument.

In the middle of the arch was placed a bronze cube where an eternal fire burned. For the maintenance of the fire were burned 4 bottles of gas a day, contained in a special room in the northern wing of the monument. The wings themselves were hollow and festive halls were shaped inside.

In general the amount of figures are 7 - 11.5 meters high, three of them are women and displayed on the left: one is with hung hands, the other is holding a flower, and the third has a tray with bread and salt. Against them on the opposing wing there are 4 armed Russian soldiers with rifles over their shoulders.

On the hill were planted more than 10 000 trees and 11 440 bushes. An irrigation system was placed under the hill. 301 stairs lead from the foot to the top of the hill, called `Stairs of Victors`.

There were bronze letters, on a 22 m high decorative wall, telling the historical ties between the Russian nation and Bulgarian people. At the entrance of the monument were placed bronze doors weighing 3.5 tons. Such a grid was placed in its central part.

On November 13, 1978 the Memorial Park of the Bulgarian-Soviet friendship was solemnly opened. The monument functioned until November 1989. Since then the door, the eternal fire is missing and the entrance was walled up. The 180 lamps stopped shining.

At the foot of the hill to the monument are placed the largest flags in Europe. Bulgarian and EU flags, each with an area of 279.5 square meters, were raised in Varna on June 25, 2009. The flagpoles are impressive structures with a height of 52.6 meters. The poles, built on a draft by the Ministry of State Administration and Administrative Reform, are also the highest on the European continent.

Park monument of Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship
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