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Nikola Vaptsarov Statue

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Nikola Vaptsarov Statue

Biography of Nikola Vaptsarov

Born in Bansko in December of 1909 to a rather militant father and protestant mother its rather unusual that he went on to become one of Bulgaria’s finest poets.

After schooling he further trained at the Naval Machinery School in Varna as a technician machinist.

This became his day job for the rest of his life as poetry took second place to making a living.  His only real works that were actually published in 1940 was called “Motoring Verses”. 

Sadly because of his associations and ideals for support of the communists during Boris III governing term he was arrested by German troops and executed by firing squad on 23rd July 1942.

In 1952 he was posthumously awarded the International Peace Award.  Subsequently in 1954 his works were translated into English with a forward from the well know British poet Peter Tempest. Since then his poetry has been further translated into over 98 languages throughout the world.