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Monument of the Fallen Frontier Guards

REF NR: 1800

The monument to the border guards is located in the seaside part of the Sea Garden in Varna. It is close to the Natural History Museum, which had been used once by the border guards for the border post. During the First World War, September 1916  - officers and soldiers of the XV-th frontier battalion, are subjected to gunfire. Not only they do not reatreat, but they begin offensive action holding their ground until the arrival of the armed forces. Many soldiers gave their lives for Bulgaria.

The following year - 1917, although in conditions of deprivation, their comrades, together with Varna civilians begin construction of a monument in memory of those who died for the unification of the motherland - officers and soldiers of the 15th border battalion. With initial design by architect Eugene Dyakovich, above the pedestal was placed a marble eagle with stowed wings by Cyril Shivarov. During this period, the monument was also known as the Eagle Monument. Later, around 1922 the eagle was replaced with a composition that is today - border guard with a dog.

On three sides of the pedestal there are plates with inscribed names of the fallen in battle. The back of the sculpture on one of the marble slabs are inscribed places where border guards were killed. In the decades of modest means, border guards have maintained the monument and in 1998 the the restoration of the monument was celebrated.