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Monument to Paraskeva Nikolaev

REF NR: 1795

Monument of Paraskeva Nikolaev / somewhere as Paraskeva Nikolau / located at the southern facade of the church of St. Nicolas, on the side of Knyaz Boris blvd.
Born here, but living and growing trade in Odessa, said that during a sail between the two cities a strong storm caught up with him. In his prayer to St. Nicholas Mariners he vowed to build a hospital and a church in his name. On June 21, 1851, in a letter to Metropolitan of Varna Porphyrius, he shared his intentions. And on January 30, 1858, he signed his will with instructions on how to build a hospital and a church in Varna. In the 27th paragraph he described his desire for a monument to be erected at the northern facade of the church, which then had an enclosed yard. The construction of the church began in 1859, Kostandi Janko was hired for project. The monument is made out of marble with rich ornaments. Under the beautiful columns is an obelisk, on which is engraved: "In memory of the patriot Parashkeva Nikolov, born in Varna and lived in Odesa, built a hospital and this temple to worship God, with his own resources" From  the grateful generation to this man who honored and loved God. In his eternal memory. 1866.5.VI. ". Over the years due to redevelopment of the streets, the church lost its courtyard and the monument was moved to the south facade.