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Monument of Ivan Vazov

REF NR: 1791

The monument to Ivan Vazov is located near Rakovina stage in the Seaside Garden. Interestingly, the monument was built while the great writer was still alive. The chairman of the Committee of the Bulgarian Revival offered to give precedence to the monument of Vazov, to be inaugurated on October 24, 1920.
That same year the sculptor Andrey Nikolov began construction of the monument. Personally, Ivan Vazov posed in the author`s studio in Sofia. Andrey Nikolov continued modeling the bust in Rome, where he casted in bronze.
On October 24, 1920 began a nationwide celebration of the creative 50 year anniversary of Ivan Vazov. The monument was inaugurated in the Seaside garden by the many present people, students, officers, clergymen and citizens.
On the face of the pedestal is inscribed "To Iv. Vazov for his 50 anniversary 24.X.1920".
The middle of the memorial has the inscription :
"From my early youth I lived,
Not for me, but for the people.
From my early youth I sang,
For country and for freedom"

At the bottom is inscribed: "From the Committee of the Bulgarian Revival and his admirers - Varna"