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Monument of Hristo Botev

REF NR: 1790

The monument of Hristo Botev was the first unveiled one on the National Revival Alley. The honor for the construction of the monument fell on the sculptor Zheko Spiridonov, who constructed the monuments of Vasil Levski and Count Ignatieff in Varna. The monument was inaugurated on July 27, 1911. The choice of date is not accidental and is the celebrated Day of Liberation of Varna. The original idea was for each year after the first monument, on 27th of July, a new monument  to be inaugurated. The following year - 1912 the monument of Vasil Levski was unveiled. That same year, however, the Balkan War started, followed by the Second Balkan and First World Wars, which ceased the initial idea until 1920.