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Monument of Count Ignatyev

REF NR: 1786

The monument of Count Ignatiev is located between the Drama Theater and the City Clock tower in Varna. It is a bronze bust on a granite pedestal with inscriptions on its four sides. On face of the pedestal at the base of the bust is placed the crest of the Ignatiev family, representing a crossed sword and a torch.
Decision to build the monument was taken at a formal meeting of the City Council on September 15, 1902.
On February 13, 1903 Varna District Council granted 5000 levs in aid to build the monument of Count Ignatiev and declared a national competition. It was won by the sculptor Zheko Spiridonov, who delivered the bust and the pedestal at the beginning of 1906 and attended the inauguration of the monument in August 1906.