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Monument of Captain Petko Voyvoda

REF NR: 1785

The monument to Captain Petko voydoda is located near the home of the Thracian Society on Vladislav blvd.. Thracians from Varna sent a letter to the President of GNS - Varna, requesting a monument of Petko voydoda to be build. It should be noted that in the years spent living in Varna Petko Voyvoda became a founder  and a member of the Trustees of the Thracian Society Strandja, which he managed nearly 15 years until his last breath.
For three months under the supervision of Prof. Dalchev in 1958 Soloveya Lenkova modeled the monument from clay. They arrived in Varna and assign the task of making the monument to the stonemason Kolyu Bratsiklikski. The Design and construction of the pedestal is the work of Zhechko Cholakov. The assembly of the monument was completed on 18 February in the neighborhood park behind the Regional Hospital. On June 14, 1959 with a big parade and celebration the monument to Capt. Petko voyvoda was inaugurated.
In 1975, the monument was moved in the garden of the new Thracian home, where it is located to this day.