Mapping Varna
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The monument is located on Osmi Primorski Polk Blvd. in the dividing..
Cave monastery (grotto) from the 13th and 14th centuries + catacombs..
The alley with soil from memorable people and locations in Bulgaria..
The Astronaut Alley is located near the Pantheon. It has been a..
The French monuments are two. Located in the area called the..
Graf Igantiev Statue
Memorial of Welcoming the brothers liberators is located in the..
Located on `Ivan Vladikov` str, residential district Galata.
The Monument of Armenian refugees in Varna is situated in the garden..
Close to the main “Independence” square in Varna exists a wonderful..
The monument to Captain Petko voydoda is located near the home of..
The monument of Count Ignatiev is located between the Drama Theater..
The sculptor of the bronze bust is Pavel Dzheferov. The monument was..
On November 18, 1995 in the presence of the Honorary President of..
The monument of Hristo Botev was the first unveiled one at the..
The monument to Ivan Vazov is located near Rakovina stage in the..
The monument of Karel Skorpil is located in the garden of the Roman..
Today, in honor of Asparoukh we can see two monuments in Varna. One..