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Siege of Varna (1828 year)

REF NR: 1826

The siege of Varna (July — September 29, 1828) happened during the Russo-Turkish War, 1828-1829.

While Varna was occupied by the Turkish army the approaching Russian forces attempted to besiege the city on June 28 1828, but were overwhelmed by the large Ottoman army and the siege was delayed.

Additional troops were delivered by the Black Sea Fleet under the command of Aleksey Greig, by the end of July.  In August Emperor Nicholas I along with the Guards Corps arrived to the city.

Adjutant General Menshikov led the siege with 23, 000 soldiers and 170 artilery pieces under his command compared to the 20, 000 Ottoman troops defending the city.

Omer Vryonis Pasha followed by 20, 000 strong army failed to desiege the city and the Russians took the city with nearly 7000 prisoners and 140 artillery peices.

The Russian army had to retreat till the following spring, because they suffered great casualties during their summer campaign, forcing them to withdraw from Varna and Danube.