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Siege of Varna (1201 year)

REF NR: 1825

The siege of Varna is a famous victory for Bulgarians over the Byzantines. The battle took place at Varna 21-24 March 1201

At the time Varna was under Byzantine rule and Tsar Kaloyan, in alliance with his brother Ivan Asen, wanted to liberate Bulgarian lands by continiung the war with the Byzantines.

Varna was defended by some of the most fearsome soldiers in Byzantine army. To overcome the moat outside the fotress walls the Bulgarians built a large siege tower and 3 days later they breached it.

According to historic sources Tsar Kaloyan had all the defenders killed by burying them alive in the moat and destroyed the walls.

The victory was followed by a peace treaty between Bulgaria and Byzantium.