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Naval Battle of Kaliakra near Varna, Bulgaria

REF NR: 1815

The Battle of Kaliakra, better know as Attack of the Drazki happened during the First Balkan War. It is the most significant victory of the Bulgarian navy over the Ottoman Empire and took place on 21 November 1912, about 50 km away from Varna.

The battle started just after midnight on 22 November 1912, the Ottoman cruiser Hamidiye and 2 cargo ships were desperately trying to bring provision to Istanbul from Constanţa. Under the command of Captain Dimitar Dobrev the flagship Letyashti (Flying), Smeli (Brave), Strogi (Strict) and Drazki (Bold) intercepted and fired torpedoes at the Turkish cruiser. Letyashti, Smeli and Strogi missed, the Turks reacted by opening fire. One of them was hit and after Hamidiye was reinforced by anti-torpedo-boats joined the battle. Drazki fired a torpedо at the Turkish cruiser and hit it in the beak, killing 8 and wounding 30. The Bulgarian crew did not suffere, except 1 wounded officer.

This defeat discouraged the Turkish navy and they give up idea to conquer the Bulgarian navy, stopping their operations near the Bulgarian seacoast.