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Crusade of Varna

REF NR: 1761

The Battle of Varna is the last battle of the Crusade of Varna, and took place on November 10, 1444 at the walls of Varna in an attempt to liberate Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. Led by Władysław III of Poland and his Hungarian general János Hunyadi, a quality Christian army consisting of Polish, Hungarian, Czeck, Croatian, Bosnian and Romanian(Wallachian) troops, faced the strong army of Sultan Murad II. The allies had no doubts that they would win, for the joint fleet of Venice and Genoa was to support them. What they did not know was that the fleet had been given a huge bribe to carry Murad II's soldiers across the Bosphorus so as to attack the Christians in the rear.

Over 70 000 men fought in the Battle of Varna. It started at 9 o'clock and soon the sultan's main forces, the Anatolian army, ran away from the battlefield. The young Polish king craved for the glory and tried to kill the sultan by himself. He performed feats but just before he reached his target, an experienced and strong Turkish soldier brought him down and severed his head with on blow. The Turks were inspired and the defeat was complete. 10 000 warriors from the allied armies found their death there. The young Władysław III, barely turned twenty, was also killed, to go down in history as Vladislav Varnenchik(Wladyslaw of Varna)