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    The present day Cathedral of Varna was built after the Liberation of Bulgaria..

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Early Byzantine City Wall

REF NR: 10365

A segment of the Early Byzantine fortification wall of Odessos (4th - 6th c.) near the north eastern corner of the city.


The wall has an impresive thickness of about 4 meters and it is a mixed construction with stone, bricks and mortar. During this period the Ancient Odessos occupied its biggest  territory. The layout of the walls is almost completely identified as parts of them, as well as triangular or round shaped defensive towers, are found in different areas.


Review the path of the wall marked in the street

Earthen jars and stone mill

During the excavations of streest just adjacent to the St. Nikolay Church, the Varna archaeologists found a large earthen jar, a stone mill, and four skeletons partly buried under the late 4th century fortress wall.


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