Mapping Varna
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1833 – 1837 Military stronghold on the place of today’s Aquarium
It is devoted to a battle held in Varna in 1444. The park has a..
The Sea Garden (Bulgarian: Морска градина, Morska gradina) is the..
The pantheon was unveiled in 1961 and it's located in the sea garden..
Situated 18 km West from Varna the Stone Forest is one of the most..
The Park - Monument of Bulgarian-Soviet friendship is the largest..
In 1907 the idea of monuments to be erected in the city of National..
Today, in honor of Asparoukh we can see two monuments in Varna. One..
Euxionograde Palace is a former residence of Bulgarian monarchs..
The Battle of Varna is the last battle of the Crusade of Varna, and..
The Balchik Palace and the resort with the same name are situated in..
The Astronaut Alley is located near the Pantheon. It has been a..
The alley with soil from memorable people and locations in Bulgaria..