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Varna High school for girls “Marie Louise”(Archeological Museum). “Marie Louise”(Archeological Museum).

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One of most domineering symbols of Varna since the 19th Century, has been the  Varna High school for girls or as we know it now the Archeological Museum.
One of domineering symbols of Varna since the 19th Century.

The high school for girls was one of the biggest schools in Bulgaria and one of the most prestigious. It was named after the princess Marie Louise, wife of the Bulgarian tsar Ferdinand Ist. The elegant Neo-renaissance style building was created between 1892 and 1898 by the design of arch. Petko Momchilov.

The interior of the school is made in an Italian “palazzo style” with frescoes, mosaics, marble columns and crystal chandeliers. There are numerous old post cards of this building and thousands of retro photographs with the students and their teachers. In 1906 the two brothers and archeologists Karel and Hermann Shkorpil opened in this building the first exposition of the Varna Archeological Museum.

In 1983 it was decided, that the entire place should be used only as a museum and today it is the biggest in Varna and the second biggest in Bulgaria, where thousands of tourists each year can see the rich historical past of the region.


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