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Varna High school for boys “Ferdinand I”.

REF NR: 10427

Among the few examples in Varna of the so called “Brick-Gothic” style is the monumental building of the former High school for boys, named after the Bulgarian monarch Ferdinand Ist. The elegant structure was created by the Austrian architect Friedrich Gruenanger in 1885, as well as his technical supervisor the Bulgarian master builder Gentscho Kanev.

The three story building not only has monumental façade, but also an aristocratic interior. Nowadays, there is no longer a school within the building, instead one can find the City Art Gallery of Varna “Boris Georgiev”.

The interior of the attic is splendid with its original wooden beams. Some of them still hold an inscription “Transilvania”, being their place of origin. Today this is used as a hall, where many classical and jazz concerts take place.


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