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AT The South Thermae

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Buildings of the southern, coastal area of Odessos. The most monumental of them is a public bath built in the end of 3rd or the 4th century. It probably replaced the Big Roman baths which were very expensive and hard to maintain and stopped operating towards the end of the 3rd century.



A small but important building is the temple of the Thracian god-horseman Heros Karabazmos and the goddess Artemis Phosphorus.

It was functioning for centuries from the Hellenistic era until the rise of the Christianity in the 4th century. Two beautiful reliefs of the mentioned above dieties were found in the temple. They are dated in the 2nd - 1st century B.C. The cult of the Thracian horseman was one of the most popular in Thrace. There is a hypothesis that its initial origin is exactly in the region of Odessos.


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