Mapping Varna
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  • Aladzha Monastery
    Aladzha Monastery is a medieval Orthodox Christian cave monastery complex in a..


Art Gallery Boris Georgiev - Old French Hospital
Grand Hotel London (formerly known as Musalla)
Virgin Mary Panagia Church
The Sea Casino - Sea Gardens Varna
The Ancient Odessos occupied a territory approximately outlined by..
Buildings of the southern, coastal area of Odessos
The big Roman Thermae of Odessos were built in the late 2nd century,..
This elegant building stands on a corner at the beginning of..
One of most domineering symbols of Varna since the 19th Century, has..
Among the few examples in Varna of the so called “Brick-Gothic”..
This iconic building for Varna was constructed in 1927 by the design..
The Chamber for Trade and Commerce's monumental building is located..
Segment of a street from the Roman Odessos, 1st - 3rd century.
Church "St. Athanasius" is the former bishop’s residence in Varna.
Cave monastery (grotto) from the 13th and 14th centuries + catacombs..
Close to the main “Independence” square in Varna exists a wonderful..
If you are looking for an area to observe the architecture in Varna..
1833 – 1837 Military stronghold on the place of today’s Aquarium