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Grand Hotel London (Musalla)

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The first grand hotel in Varna was built between 1906-1912. The plans for it were created by the most prominent architect of Varna – Dabko Dabkov (1875-1945). The building is a wonderful example of “Art Nouveau” art with a lot of sculptural elements on the two facades.

The hotel is named after the British capital, because the first owner of the place lived in the late 19th Century in London and he became a rich man over there.

However, this orginal name of "The Grand London Hotel" and had a name change to that of the local name of "Musalla"before "Musalla" eventually reverting back to that of  "The Grand London Hotel" in 2009.



This grand hotel was the first building in Varna with an elevator installed. The Grand hotel “London” was opened officially on 25th May 1912, on the 15th of April 1912 the hotel was visited by its first prominent guest – Felix Roussell, who was the Mayor of Paris at the time.The original unique design won the hearts of many and became a overnight sensation having the first working lift in the city, coupled to this central heating made it a required stopover to saver in the luxury on offer and continues to be a gathering point for the elite of the society.


The hotel has seen guests from all parts of the world and all realms of types from stars to statesmen and even royalty in its time.


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Images of Hotel Thanks to Retro Bulgaria

Gorgeous! It is reallly the best value 5-star business hotel in Varna.

Cons: -
Pros: lux
Ana, May 28, '14