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Royal Palace Euxinograd

REF NR: 1765

Euxionograde Palace is a former residence of Bulgarian monarchs Alexander and Ferdinand, from late 19th century.

Built under the name of Sandrovo by Prince Alexander I Battenberg in 1882, and renamed Euxinograde (combining the Greek word euxine - hospitable with the Slavonic grad - town or fortress) by his successor Ferdinand, the palace is nowadays notorious for being former holiday home of the Bulgarian Politburo. It still belongs to the state, and foreign dignitaries stay here when visiting Varna, but the construction of a new hotel (the Sandrovo) on the palace grounds seems designated to place Euxinograde on the international conference circuit.


The Palace

You can now visit the palace itself as there are extensive guided tours of the grounds. These lead past the vineyards where Bulgaria's most sought-after brandies and white wines are produced and descend towards the seafront through the botanical gardens laid out for King Ferdinand by French horticulturalists at the turn of the 19th century. The Communist Party hierarchy built themselves a deluxe beach complex in the woods overlooking the shore, complete with state-of-the-art health clinic and sports hall.

The view from the Palace steps