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University of Economics Varna

REF NR: 1753

University of Economics Varna (VINS ) was founded in May 1920 as the Higher Trading School, thanks to the generosity and intention of the famous Bulgarian and foreign scientists as well as merchants of Varna .

With the financial help of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Varna and the government the idea of construction of Higher School of Commerce (HSC) was realized in 1911.

The building was designed by the famous architect Nikola Lazarov and the overall construction was under the management of architect Dabko Dabkov. The building was delayed because of the wars and finally was finished in 1924. The architectural style is designed in the French Renaissance chic with classical elements of the West European baroque.

With the financial help of Varna Trade - Commercial Chamber and the Government, the idea for a Higher School of Commerce was realised with the lay of the first stone in 1911.

Before 1938 the University was called - Higher Commercial School or Trading Academy. From 1938 to 1945 – is named Graduate School of Economic and Social sciences. From 1945 to 1953 - Varna State University St. Cyril Slavyanoblgarski". From 1953 to 1963 - Higher Institute of National Economy, which from 1963 to 1990 is named of Dimitar Blagoev. Since 1990, it is declared the name of the Economical University of Varna.

Education at the University is organized by department for full-time students as well as tuition by correspondence. After graduation, students receive bachelor's, master's or doctorate degrees, depending on the duration of the study.

The university has its rich educational - material base, two buildings , modern dormitories and dining rooms, library, which contains more than 350 thousand of textbooks, computer rooms, own university publishing house, indoor sports complex and more.