Mapping Varna
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If you are looking for an area to observe the architecture in Varna..
The Chamber for Trade and Commerce's monumental building is located..
This iconic building for Varna was constructed in 1927 by the design..
Close to the main “Independence” square in Varna exists a wonderful..
Among the few examples in Varna of the so called “Brick-Gothic”..
One of most domineering symbols of Varna since the 19th Century, has..
This is the oldest boulevard in Varna and bears the name of the wife..
This elegant building stands on a corner at the beginning of..
The present day Cathedral of Varna was built after the Liberation of..
The big Roman Thermae of Odessos were built in the late 2nd century,..
Buildings of the southern, coastal area of Odessos
The Ancient Odessos occupied a territory approximately outlined by..
Segment of a street from the Roman Odessos, 1st - 3rd century.
1833 – 1837 Military stronghold on the place of today’s Aquarium
Cave monastery (grotto) from the 13th and 14th centuries + catacombs..
Art Gallery Boris Georgiev - Old French Hospital
The Sea Casino - Sea Gardens Varna
Church "St. Athanasius" is the former bishop’s residence in Varna.