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Church of St. Nicholas the Thaumaturge

REF NR: 1757

At the heart of the historical center of Varna stands a beautiful old stone church. Formally, it was used as a Greek Orthodox Church, but today is a used as a Bulgarian Orthodox one. It was built in 1865 by the design of a local architect Janko Konstandis.

The idea belongs to a wealthy merchant from Varna – Paraskeva Nikolau. He immigrated to Odessa in the Russian Empire, where he managed to earn a small fortune. According to his last will and testament he left a substantial amount of money for the construction of a hospital and a church in Varna.

At the time the Saint Nicolas church was the biggest Christian temple in Varna and the seat of the Greek Metropolitan Church in the area. After 1912 it became a Bulgarian church. The temple is a magnificent stone masterpiece of the Eastern Mediterranean Neo-renaissance style. With arched windows, stone columns with capitols and roman style basilical hall, this church is an iconic image for the center of Varna.


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