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Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception

REF NR: 1754

In the time before the Second World War, “Preslav” str. was the main street in Varna, where a lot of banks, shops and hotels were opened after 1878. With the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule, a lot of European Countries opened Consulates in Varna and a lot of European merchants, architects, engineers etc. settled in the town.

Most of these new residents were either French, Italian and some Germans, however, there was no Catholic church, where they can practice freely their religion. In 1885 the Bulgarian prince Alexander I laid the foundation stone for this Catholic Church.

The design belongs to an Italian architect, called Rudolpho Valentino. He created a Neo-gothic church with one apse and a steeple bell tower. The original interior of this temple was decorated with marble altar, semi-columns and crossed arches.

During the Communism period, the church was closed and it fell into disrepair. Since the year 2013 it has been fully restored to its former glory and is now dedicated to “Immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary”.


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