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Armenian Church St. Sarkis

REF NR: 1746

Just beyond at the junction of the streets Khan Kroum and Clement, is the small 19th century Armenian Church of “St. Sarkis”, squeezed into the corner of a schoolyard. Serving a local population of about 3,000, the Church contains naïve, child-like icons covered in Armenian script.

Outside of the Armenian church there is a small tablet that commemorates the genocide of 1915, when up to 1.5 million Armenians lost their lives at the hands of the Ottomans - suggesting a shared history of suffering in which Armenians and Bulgarians can find common cause.

Of more historical value are the intricately carved iconostasis and bishop's throne of the 17th century Church of the Holy Virgin(Sveta Bogoroditsa in Bulgarian).

The church may be the oldest house of prayer in the city, buit in 1602 and hidden half underground so as not vex the enslavers and whose tower was added later once Ottoman restrictions had been removed. The Church is especially worth visiting because of the miracle-working icon of the Virgin here.

Armenian Church
Armenian Church
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