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Aladza Monastery

REF NR: 3886
Since the early part of the 4th Century it is thought that the monastery had been populated and through countless years the monastery flourished until the fall of Bulgaria under the Ottoman influence in the 14th c.
Although used after this date it gradually fell further into non use and finally somewhenth the 16th -17th c was completed left to its own devices.
This is a Bulgarian medieval rock monastery. Aladzha comes from the Turkish word for "spotted".

By the end of the 19th c researcher began to take interest and two brothers Karel and Herman Skorpil did extensive work unearthing and studying the ruins.

The monastery was officially declared a national treasure in 1927 and in 1957 a national monument of culture.The mystique of the monastery leads it to have many a local legend attached to it and is now a very important tourist attraction within the greater district of Varna

The monastery was abandoned in the 18th century. Scientists discover his name for a first time in books by the Russian writer Viktor Teplyakov. It is declared for a cultural monument in 1957.

Aladza Monastery