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Virgin Mary Panagia Church
The building of the Varna-Preslav Bishopric was built in 1902 to the..
The present day Cathedral of Varna was built after the Liberation of..
Temple St. Tsar Boris
Temple St. Prorok Ilia
Church "St. Athanasius" is the former bishop’s residence in Varna.
The Orthodox temple St Dimitar is situated in the residential..
Temple Holy Assumption 'Galata'
First Bulgarian language school (1860) after the fall of Varna under..
Situated in the central part of Varna, within 5-min. walking..
Monument of Paraskeva Nikolaev / somewhere as Paraskeva Nikolau /..
The Monastery of Sts. Constantine and Helena is situated in the very..
This is a Protestant church with more than 80 years history.
The Early Byzantine episcopal cathedral of Odessos
The Maritime Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1865. Rumors have..
Chapel St. Marina
Chapel of Holy Transfiguration
Chapel in Sea Graden