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Fanagoria Proto-Bulgarian Settlement Historical and Ethnographical Complex

REF NR: 1766

Fanagoria Proto-Bulgarian Settlement Historical and Ethnographical Complex is the only open-air museum of its kind in Bulgaria. It bears the name of the proto-Bulgarian capital city situated in the Crimean Peninsula (6 – 7th c. A.D.), and replicates a proto-Bulgarian military camp of 6 – 8th c. A.D. comprising wooden defense walls with battle towers, yurta, craftsmen’s workshops, outfit, weaponry, household utensils, furnishings, and others. There also is a small circus with a heathen shrine, a khan’s and a medicine-man’s yurta, a stand for spectators, and a bar.

Visitors are offered guide’s services on the spot, information leaflets, souvenirs, visits to a yurt and a crafts center, as well as arrow-shooting at an archery ground. Besides, the evening performance comprises an extremely dynamic and spectacular equestrian show representing the proto-Bulgarian festivity of the horses and young warriors. One enjoys the bravura riding, the equestrian stunts, the drill fights; one also admires the majestic outlook of the Khan, the fortune-telling of the medicine-man, as well as the latter’s prey to the proto-Bulgarian god Tangra. By watching and participating one is able to trip into a bygone era and learn a lot about proto-Bulgarians, their beliefs and life-styles – an enriching and unforgettable experience altogether.