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Varna Clock Tower

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Opposite to the cathedral there now stands a 24-meter-high stone tower with a clock mechanism. Originally, built as a watch tower is thought to have been erected during the siege of Varna in 1828 however during the fire that engulfed part of the city in the Crimean War, it was unfortunately itself burnt to the ground..


The building was subsequently completely gutted and eventually reconstructed in stone in 1888 under the direction of the then Mayor when Krastyu Mirski, who assigned Sava Dimitrievich as the architect to construct the 24 metre high clock tower and one year latter was fitted with an English clock mechanism by Oton Ivanov making the final fixings.


Clock Mechanism - (Source

The mechanism is working without problems for more than 120 years and is still looked after by the apprentices of this skilled workman and can still be seen working today as a fine tribute to the engineering of the time.

Next to the clock tower stands an elegant building, constructed in 1890 by the design of an Armenian architect Gurehyan. This is the oldest working theatre in Varna, known as the “Unification hall”, named after the important historical event from 1885 – the Unification of Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia. The theatre has a main façade with exquisite plastic details and arched windows looking toward the “City garden”. Today this is an important part of the cultural life in Varna.



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Varna Clock TowerOrginally a Fire Watchtower