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Roman Tomb

REF NR: 10325

A monumental tomb from the Roman era situated in one of the necropoles alongside the city walls of Odessos (Varna).

Note the domed roof


The burial chamber is octagonal with a dome. Its dimensions are 5,35 x 5,35 m and the height 3.65 m. A niche is found on seven of the walls and in front of them there are five beds made with laid bricks.


The entrance to the burial chamber is from the south and a long inclined corridor with steps leads to it. Stones and bricks are used for the whole construction with great precision. Most probably the monument was a family tomb.

The date of the sight is unclear: the end of the 2nd - the beginning of the 3rd century or the 4th century.


Slavyan Kreksofin's Impression of Tomb


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