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Early Byzantine Cathedral Odessos

REF NR: 3641

The Early Byzantine episcopal cathedral of Odessos. On the spot were built and destroyed one, after the otheer, three temples between the end of the 4th - the beggining of the 7th century. Particularly splendid was the second basilica (5th c.).


Still surviving from that building are  exquisite floor mosaics depicting a typical Early Christian motive: two peacoks standing around a cantharos among a flower garden. It symbolizes the souls of the righteous men in Heaven 'drinking' from the spring of life - Christ.

The mosaic was situated in the alter space of the temple. Also there, in a special underground crypt to one side of the alter table, an untouched reliquary with relics of a saint was found.

Unfortunately, the name of the holy peson today is unknown but the place where the relics were put indicates that he / she was greatly honored by the local Christians.


A plan of finds found within the church


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