Mapping Varna
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Aquapolis, situated in the Golden Sands resort is an absolute must..
A walk in the Asparuhov Sea Gardens in mid March 2014 on a lovely..
Circus Balkanki their 2014 tour will be from TBC
A Sunday walk through the main alley of the sea gardens through to..
Fishing in late mid August summer afternoon on a breakwater in Varna
The Sea Garden Fun Fair - Evening Time on Varna Day
Karting for the whole family plus Paintball and Off Road Buggies
Park monument of Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship
Pobiti Kamani - The Petrified Forest
The Retro Museum is a "must see", far better than you ever expect..
A very nice stay at the residence weekend of the 14th and 15th May..
The Tall Ships in Harbour at Varna October 2016
Early morning scenes around the Cathedral in August getting ready..