Mapping Varna
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  • Toy Town
    Toy Town is the favourite shop for young and old. Every day in Toy Town is a..


The Naval Museum follows the development of the Bulgarian navy from..
The Natural History Museum displays the great variety of species in..
The park-museum “Wladislaw Warnenchik” is a branch of the National..
Cave monastery (grotto) from the 13th and 14th centuries + catacombs..
The Four Star Park Hotel Golden Beach at Golden sands is a lovely..
The Hotel International in the resort of Golden Sands, located 15 km..
The Grand Hotel Varna is one of the only year-round hotels situated..
Hotel Kabakum is s lovely jewel located in Alen Mak region between..
Yo-Ho-Ho hostel is a brand new hostel at the heart of Bulgarian -sea..
Black Sea Property Real Estate have been operating in Varna for over..
The Clinic is equipped with modern facilities of very high standards..
The Specialised Eyeclinic for Active Treatment was established in..
The hospital was established in 1996 and initially were performed..
The complex was set up in 2003 initially as s specialized center for..
Medical Centre Hipokrat employes specialists working at the..
'Kamee' is a medical center for plastic and aesthetic surgery,..
The center is equipped with a modern diagnostic equipment for..
Medical Centre Europe is situated in downtown Varna, not far away..