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Park Museum Vladislav Varnenchik

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The park-museum "Wladislaw Warnenchik” is located at the western part of Varna.

The museum is open to visitors in 1964 in honour of 520th anniversary from the battle of Varna between the Christian armies of the Polish- Hungarian King Vladislav III Yagello and the Turkish armies under command of sultan Murad II. In 2004 the museum and the exposition are entirely modernized. 



The museum exhibition was created on the basis of documentary materials about the battle of Varna; weapons found on the battlefield and copies of objects, donated by the Military museums in Warsaw, Budapest, Prague, Bucharest and Belgrade. In the symbolic mausoleum of King Wladyslaw III Yagello you can see the sarcophagus of the King – a stone replica of the bronze original, situated in the palace of Wawel in the city of Krakov, Poland. The mausoleum’s building was built over a Thracian tomb from IV c. BC. Presumably in the tomb was performed a funeral of a Thracian chieftain and his beloved wife.The museum park is afforested with an unique Mediterranean and coniferous vegetation.



The plan of the park designed by the Czech Anton Novak – the creator of the sea garden Varna. The richness of over 50 kinds of trees and shrubs, the various animal inhabitants of the park eco system make the museum park a real oasis. 

The park is open during the whole year , and the access is free. In the park take place children’s camp-schools “Young knight” and there are demonstrations for tourists. In the park you can see also : the monument of Yanosh Huniady, Command post of sultan Murad II, Thracian mount,Token sarcophaguses of the perished Christians.

Contact Details

55, Yanosh Huniyadi blvd
Park Museum Vladislav Varnenchik

Phone: 052/ 74-03-02